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Winterizing/Sprinkler Drain Down

Drain down the backflow prevention assembly before the first frost in the fall, and anytime the rest of the year when the temperature may fall below freezing (at or below 32 F. – 0 C.) and the water has been turned on to the system. (i.e. Springtime, temperatures can vary widely.) Water inside the assembly and system may cause freeze damage.

Cold weather can cause detrimental effects on sprinkler systems when not drained properly. During the winter months when your sprinkler system is turned off and drained, we recommend you hand water the lawn a minimum of once every three weeks and for drier spells (where there has not been any snow or rain), once every two or three weeks is recommended.

Simply perform an internet search on ‘Sprinkler Winterization’ to find guidance on how to self-help or find a local servicer to care for your sprinklers,

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