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    Russ placed himself in our shoes and found problem solving tactics to allow us to maximize our abilities and obtainable goals. The transaction management used to navigate the sale of my home was tactful and speedy. Left me feeling satisfied.

    Anthony Lopez – Seller and Buyer Client

    Overall I really enjoyed working with this team. Nicole was timely in response to any questions I had and was always available!

    Elizabeth Doner – Buyer Client

    Russ had to work very hard and at flexible hours to satisfy this extremely fast moving market condition. Not only did he meet all of the deadlines but he kept us on task and updated on all developments.

    Mark and Daisha Archer – Seller and Buyer Client

    Have you ever heard someone say the home buying process was NOT stressful? My husband and I kept waiting for the part of the process that you hear everyone talk about being one of the biggest stresses in life; and that’s saying something considering we went through most of the home-buying process during my third trimester of pregnancy.

    Luke and I closed on our house last Friday, June 19th and had THE BEST team of professionals along the way. We could not have been happier with the whole process and can’t help but brag about them to friends and family. Mr. Russ Woloch and his team is The perfect Realtor.

    Russ always maintained a high level of professionalism and positivity despite a very tough and competitive buyer’s market and our crazy deadline of our baby girl’s due date being June 26th. Russ was ready and willing to go look at homes with us at the drop of the hat. We’d enter a house and he’d let us decide on the home, rather than trying to just sell us on a house and get the process over with. Russ played a key role in our offer getting selected from more than one offer on the home that is now our home by taking time to personally chat with the seller about our personal situation and solid financing. We’ve been working towards the goal of home-ownership for years now and are proud of ourselves for achieving this goal. We can’t thank them enough and we feel so lucky to have such an awesome realtor to have helped us along the way.

    Lucas and Arynn Thorp – Buyer Client

    Russ Woloch skillfully put up with two individuals in their late seventies who had a nondescript idea of how to down size without losing the two acres in the woods life style they had enjoyed for 40+ years. The Lady of the house here had grown up in “Old Castle Rock” and wanted to live there once again. The old guy could care less about where he lived as long as he had room to breathe ie. no close neighbors. Russ, after many no go prospects, found the ideal spot for both of us, and we will forever be grateful for that.

    Dick & Judy Lowery – Buyer Client

    Finding a home was difficult we did not have a clear-cut idea as to where it would be. Russ was always patient, never made us uncomfortable about our honing in on a location. Always a smile!

    Daryl and Kathy Dean – Buyer Client

    Russ Woloch is a phenomenal Realtor whose ability to intuit clients’ needs and match them with the right home is second to none. He pairs his exceptional insight and empathy with world-class customer service and relationship-building skills, regularly going out of the way to make sure milestones are met and commitments by the other party are kept. We recommend him unreservedly and without hesitation.

    Eric and Melissa Kelley – Buyer Client

    Excellent knowledge about what’s going on in the community regarding development, condo HOA law, real estate trends, and renting our purchase.

    Randy and Ellen Kurvers – Investor Client

    Russ was awesome in helping us find the right home for us.

    Dan & Kim Grant – Buyer Client

    As a person with a degree in marketing, I have to say that this team knocks it out of the park as far as the marketing they do – the timing, delivery, usefulness, and customized marketing pieces are awesome! 🙂

    Laura Bess – Investor Client

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